Hoffmann Fitness and Personal Training

Better Living Through Faith and Fitness


Our Catholic faith and love of Our Lord Jesus Christ shapes every aspect our lives. Our marriage and family life are lead with Christ at the center. We were raised in and live near the Black Hills of South Dakota which is one of this Nation’s most beautiful tucked away places where we enjoy spending time outdoors with our beautiful and energetic little boys! It is our goal to motivate and inspire other families to get fit and stay healthy together.

Jesse is an NASM certified personal trainer, and Katie is a stay at home mom and horse trainer. Together we strive to raise our children according to our Christian faith and do everything we can to help improve the quality of life for everyone we meet, and treat the people and the world we were given to care for with the respect they deserve.

We believe that by being fit and healthy and having an active prayer life you will be closer to being the person God made you to be. The main goal of our fitness and health training is to improve quality of life by teaching people how to use and treat their bodies the way God made them to be.